Tailored Nanoparticles

Tailored nanoparticles are specifically engineered for your needs. Our nanoparticle engineering know-how is so flexible, we allow our customers to compose their own nanoparticles. If you require either metal oxides or metal salt nanoparticles, chances are good we will solve your nanoparticle challenge. Do not hesitate and request your reproducible nanoparticles to speed up your R&D.

Compose nanoparticles

You compose the nanoparticles the way you want them

Customize nanoparticles

We produce and deliver customized nanoparticles

Our Customized Nanoparticles Feature:

Rapid Screening

Flexibility in nanoparticle composition allowing rapid material screening

Material Flexibility

Single and multi-element oxides, metal salts (halogenides, sulfates, phosphates etc.), optional doping, Perovskite quantum dots

Particle Size

Particle size can be tuned between 5 and 50 nm


Particle size distribution is narrow


Our nanoparticles have a high phase purity


Our synthesis process intrinsically yields the same nanoparticles every time we make them


For fast proof-of-concepts, we offer quantities up to 50 grams.

Request tailored nanoparticles