Material Processing

Innovation and diversification over recent years have transformed materials processing in the electronics sector. This underlying process encompasses a broad range of potential deposition and treatment methods, alongside countless potential chemical combinations of the primary raw materials used in printed electronics. There exists an embarrassment of riches when it comes to material processing in optoelectronic markets. Yet manufacturing limitations, commercial capabilities, production scales, and various end-use requirements continue to limit the materials and processing techniques available to electronics manufacturers.

Avantama specializes in the synthesis of electronic nanoparticle formulations for commercial-scale production. This demands a unique attention to detail that goes beyond our expertise in nanotechnology and formulation chemistry.

We can assist in the development of initial proof-of-concept formulations to suit any commercial production technique; from ink-jet, slot-die, and screen printing to more specialist techniques like spin coating and doctor blading. Once a suitable Avantama product has been diagnosed and tailored to your unique requirements, supply of the formulation can be upscaled to multi-ton batches for any roll-to-roll material processing technique. This bespoke approach ensures that all Avantama customers receive the perfect product.

All Avantama nanoparticle formulations are designed to reduce manufacturing expenditure without limiting the end-user functionality of your devices. With annealing temperatures as low as 100°C and variable film thicknesses available from just 10 nanometres (nm) upwards, materials processing with Avantama formulations is both cost-effective and efficient. We are also able to assist in materials processing with challenging substrates, to ensure that your production line is equipped for the products of the future, today.

Contact us if you would like to learn more, or if you would like to request tailored nanoparticles and tailored formulations.