Formulation Engineering

Formulation engineering is one of our core competencies at Avantama, enabling us to help electronics manufacturers overcome tomorrow’s innovation challenges today. We have developed a standard portfolio of almost 30 different formulations that have already exceeded customer expectations in markets as varied as OLED and quantum dot displays, and solution-processed solar cells.

Underlying our formulation engineering credentials is a problem-solving mentality and a commitment to holistic service. When established products will not do, we offer custom formulations with exceptional material flexibility and total control of product parameters. Particle composition, size, hydrodynamic diameter, and purity can all be tailored to your unique specifications. Our core nanoparticle materials include tungsten, molybdenum, zinc, nickel oxide, stannic oxide, and aluminum-doped zinc oxides (WOx, MoOx, ZnO, NiO, SnO2, and Al:ZnO). Custom chemistries are available on request.

We then guarantee robust material screening to determine optimal affinity between particle and solution to ensure long shelf-lives of more than a year and full processability in your production line.

Avantama’s manufacturing facilities have been upscaled to enable formulation engineering at the multi-ton scale. We can assist in the initial development of suitable nanoparticle formulations and provide reliable, repeatable, commercial-scale manufacturing when you are satisfied with your custom formulation. This significantly cuts your products time-to-market to justify the investment. Contact us if you would like to learn more, or if you want to request tailored formulations.