avapix for OLED & uLED Displays

Our high-performing perovskite quantum dots can be applied in pixelated photoluminescent form for QD-OLED or QD-uLED displays.

Combining OLED and microLED displays with avapix enables better colors, higher efficiency and lower display manufacturing costs. avapix are deposited in pixel-form on blue OLED or microLED pixels to convert the blue into green and red sub-pixels.

One of the most important requirements is that the very thin pixelated QD layers absorb all blue light to avoid blue leakage in the green and red subpixels.

avapix exhibit by far the highest blue absorbance if compared to InP or CdSe quantum dots. The main reason is that perovskite quantum dots do not have any shell, thus only exhibits full light absorbing properties.

The industry leading FWHM (ca. 20nm), high quantum efficiency and the ultra-high optical density of Avantama’s avapix enable the following benefits:

  • Thinner QD color conversion layers
  • Widest color gamut (>95% Rec.2020)
  • Highest peak brightness / lowest power consumption
  • Widest viewing angle


Our avapix materials are available for ink jet printing and photolithography processes. These materials are under development with selected partners. The perovskite quantum dot inks and formulations are produced at mass production scale.

Samsung has already commercialized QD-OLED displays using Indium phosphide QDs. However, as theses QDs are quite limited in brightness and optical density, such QD-OLED displays require an additional green OLED emitter stack to create sufficient green light intensity. This adds cost to the OLED backlight manufacturing costs.

Compared to currently used InP QDs in Samsung QD-OLED displays, Avantama pQDs will:

  • Increase Rec.2020 to > 95%
  • Decrease OLED stack costs at least 20$/m2 by making the green OLED emitter redundant
    (Reference: DSCC 2023)

For the manufacturing of QD color conversion pixels, Avantama offers avapix for ink-jet printing and photolithography.

Green pQD ink-jet ink printed into black banks

(130µm pixel size)

Green pQD pixels deposited by photolithography

We also offer a tailored design and synthesis service, to assist in the development of proprietary formulations based on unique chemistries.  Contact us if you would like to learn more.

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