avacap for Perovskite PV

One of the main weaknesses of perovskite PV modules is the limited lifetime due to the inherent instability of the active perovskite material. To enable high reliability and long life times, Avantama specifically developed UV curable encapsulant materials for high-volume mass-production of perovskite solar cells. Avantama’s avacap UV curable encapsulant materials set a new standard for perovskite stability and can be customized on our customer’s requests.

The specific advantages of our avacap materials are:

  • UV-curable encapsulant
    • Fast encapsulation process
    • Curing at room temperature
    • Suitable for fast tact times and roll-to-roll processes
  • Transparent and haze-free
    • Suitable for semitransparent solar cells
  • Good compatibility with perovskite layer
  • Good adhesion to glass
  • No yellowing under high temperature


We also offer a tailored design and synthesis service, to assist in the development of proprietary formulations based on unique chemistries. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

Other Markets

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