Cadmium-Free Quantum Dots

State-of-the-art materials tailored to processes and systems of your choice. At Avantama, we specialize in the generation of custom quantum dot formulations based on proprietary chemistries and finely-tuned particle dimensions (size, uniformity, etc.) at volumes that suit your production needs.

With exceptional spectral outputs and unmatched quantum efficiencies, quantum dots are poised to change the landscape of the consumer display market. Cadmium-free quantum dots offer the added incentive of full RoHS compliance, enabling you to future-proof your intellectual properties from a regulatory perspective.

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Our novel metal halide perovskite quantum dots lead the industry in terms of optical performance and Rec.2020 coverage, with sharp emission peaks and high efficiency. For potential energy savings and color performance properties in display applications, Avantama offers the best quantum dot chemistries on the market.

QD Display Materials from Avantama

Our core competency in custom nanoparticle engineering allows us to develop custom solutions based on individually tailored materials. We also supply a proprietary range of off-the-shelf quantum dot formulations for various QDTV applications. Contact us today to learn how we can generate quantum dot products that are optimized to work perfectly in your existing production line.

This project has received funding from the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation.

Our Nanoparticle Coating Formulations Feature:

Rapid Screening

Our flexible technology allows rapid material screening

Material Flexibility

Tailored nanoparticles and solvent and solvent-free system of your choice (polar or non-polar solvents, monomer solutions, etc.)

Hydrodynamic Diameter

Our unique processes allow the fabrication of formulations with a d99 of below 30 nm


Our formulations are optimized to serve the application and can be electronic grade

Shelf life

Formulation shelf life is aimed to be 1+ year


Our formulations are optimized to work perfectly in your existing production line


For fast proofs-of-concept, we offer quantities up to 100 mL

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