avafilm for LCD Backlights

Our high-performing perovskite quantum dots can be applied in form of an optical light conversion film for LCD displays, in particular for LCDs with miniLED backlight to boost the picture quality and energy efficiency.

We have developed different solutions suitable for different customer needs. We offer our conversion film with green perovskite quantum dots and either red KSF phosphor or red InP QDs. With this architecture, we achieve up to 93% of Rec.2020 color gamut, 40% higher peak brightness and 25% less power consumption compared to displays with CdSe/InP films.

Our conversion films have been qualified by Asian panel makers. They are stable under high temperature and high humidity as well as under high blue flux.

60┬░C / 90% r.H.

300 mW/cm2 blue flux

Our perovskite quantum dot and conversion film manufacturing is at mass production scale.

We also offer a tailored design and synthesis service, to assist in the development of proprietary formulations based on unique chemistries. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

Project funded by SERI

Our Nanoparticle Coating Formulations Feature:

Rapid Screening

Our flexible technology allows rapid material screening

Material Flexibility

Tailored nanoparticles and solvent and solvent-free system of your choice (polar or non-polar solvents, monomer solutions, etc.)

Hydrodynamic Diameter

Our unique processes allow the fabrication of formulations with a d99 of below 30 nm


Our formulations are optimized to serve the application and can be electronic grade

Shelf life

Formulation shelf life is aimed to be 1+ year


Our formulations are optimized to work perfectly in your existing production line


For fast proofs-of-concept, we offer quantities up to 100 mL

Other Markets

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ava<em>mox </em> for Perovskite PV

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