Solution Processed Solar Cells

We have developed highly efficient solution processable inorganic charge transport formulations. Our formulations yield in very thin and stable metal oxide layers with either hole transport (HTL) or electron transport (ETL) function.

Our standard portfolio comprises almost 30 different formulations suitable for both hole and electron transport functions. With a suitable solution for practically every modern printing technique, Avantama can support production of your electronic device via spin coating, ink jet printing, roll-to-roll coating, and many more.

Leading scientists and companies use Avantama metal oxide formulations to ensure the efficiency of perovskite solar cells, organic fingerprint sensors or SWIR sensors.

We also offer a tailored design and synthesis service, to assist in the development of proprietary formulations based on unique chemistries. Our expertise in nanoparticle engineering, formulation design, and material processing, make us one of the world-leading suppliers of electronic inks for printing of OLED devices. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

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