Nanoparticle Engineering

Nanoparticle engineering is a fundamental step in the development of advanced formulations for electronics markets. Avantama specializes in the synthesis of precise and homogenous nanoparticles, with virtually limitless chemical combinations. We offer over 10,000 distinct combinations, from simple single oxides to complex metal-salt compositions. Customers are also welcome to pick a unique nanoparticle composition, and we will rapidly test your concept material to prove its potential commerciality.

Avantama produces and delivers tailor-made materials, with unparalleled expertise in nanoparticle engineering for optoelectronics applications. All our single- and multi-element oxides, metal salts, and innovative cadmium-free quantum dots are centered around a customer-defined particle size of between 5 – 50 nanometers (nm). We guarantee exceptional uniformity, ensuring an extremely narrow particle size distribution for the most precise and homogenous nanoparticles on the market.

Our nanoparticle engineering expertise extends beyond the initial research and development (R&D) phase. Avantama’s processing methods ensure we can intrinsically yield the same nanoparticles from batch-to-batch. With enhanced production capabilities, we are also now able to offer production of tailored nanoparticles up to the multi-ton scale. This is instrumental in our ongoing formulation engineering efforts. If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.