High-tech Materials for Electronics

Avantama is a leader in high-tech materials for electronics. Our material innovations are used in optical and electronic coatings. Our unique technology and know-how allows fast proof-of-concepts and focused product developments. This ensures minimizing time-to-market. Our production capacity is at the multi-ton-scale and we have been an audited materials supplier for electronics since 2016.

Our vision is to create materials for a bright and efficient future

Perovskite Quantum Dots



Avantama is spearheading a bright and efficient future for printed electronics, leading the industry in nanoparticle engineering and formulation. We provide fast proofs-of-concept for proprietary research and development to help you develop and commercialize new product designs. Time-to-market is minimized with rapid material screening and robust quality control processes. This ensures that only the highest quality materials are released to the electronics markets.

Solution processed solar cells materials with hole injection/electron blocking and electron injection/hole blocking functionality.

We specialize in the development of high performance, cost-efficient materials for the display and energy sectors. Avantama nanoparticle formulations are routinely used in the development of solution-processed OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) for handheld electronic devices and domestic TV displays. Our cadmium-free quantum dots are rapidly redefining the display market with an industry-leading optical performance and unmatched Rec.2020 coverage. We have also made significant strides in reducing the bottleneck in organic photovoltaics production to assist in the commercialization of emerging solution processed solar cells.

If you would like to learn more about the electronics markets we service, from OLEDs and quantum dots to OPVs, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

Performance and Quality

Across different markets, our materials fulfill a high performance and quality. We are able to engineer our materials specifically to our customer's needs.

Avantama Team

Our Management

Dr. Samuel Halim

Dr. Samuel Halim

CEO and founder

Dr. Norman Lüchinger

Dr. Norman Lüchinger

CTO and founder

Avantama consists of a diverse team of highly skilled chemists, material scientists and engineers with an extensive experience in material, process and product development. Our team is dedicated to develop and produce the best possible materials and processes for your product.

Avantama Labs in Zurich, Switzerland

Avantama Labs in Zurich, Switzerland

The state-of-the-art Avantama labs and production facilities are located just 30 minutes outside of Zurich city at the shores of lake Zurich. The area is a hotspot for world-leading high-tech companies and gives us access to highly qualified personnel.

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