avamox for QD-EL

We have developed highly efficient solution processable inorganic charge transport formulations for electroluminescent quantum dot displays (QD-EL displays). Our formulations yield in very thin and stable metal oxide layers with either hole transport (HTL) or electron transport (ETL) function.

Source: https://www.insightmedia.info/nanophotonica-making-nice-strides-in-el-qd-solution/

Off-the-shelf ETL and HTL materials, customization on request

Our off-the-shelf portfolio comprises almost 30 different standard formulations suitable for both hole and electron transport functions. With a suitable solution for practically every modern printing and coating technique, Avantama can support the production of your electronic device via spin coating, ink jet printing, roll-to-roll coating, and many more.

  • Various ETL/HTL compositions are available off-the-shelf
    • ZnO, Al:ZnO
    • SnO2; Sb:SnO2
    • NiO
    • WO3
  • Various solvent systems for different coating/printing processes
  • Nanoparticle solid loadings: 1 – 10 wt%
  • Proprietary ligands for:
    • High ink shelf life (12+ months)
    • good charge transport
  • Ink formulations tunable on customer’s specifications (e.g. solid loading, solvent system, etc.)

Advantages of Avantama ETL and HTL materials
Enabling high-volume mass production of Perovskite PV

Compared to other materials in the market, Avantama avamox materials have the following advantages for the use as ETL and HTL materials:

  • Solution processable
    → For e.g. roll-to-roll high-volume Perovskite PV manufacturing
  • Low-temperature processing (< 80°C)
    → For temperature-sensitive substrates and fast deposition/drying times
  • Coatable on various substrates
  • High ink production reproducibility
  • High ink shelf life (12+ months)
    → Key for mass production of Perovskite PV
  • Nanoparticle and ink production capacity equivalent to 0.2 – 2 GW Perovskite PV/year
  • Customer-specific ink customization available

We also offer a tailored design and synthesis service, to assist in the development of proprietary formulations based on unique chemistries. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

Other Markets

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