Rapid Synthesis of Customized Nanoparticle Compositions

Nanoscience is no longer a fringe field which holds promise for markets in the future. It is a pioneering subset of engineering which is increasingly critical to a wide range of applications including consumer electronics, drug delivery systems, and advanced energy storage/conversion devices.

Naturally, such a dynamic cross-section of industries cannot be served by standard off-the-shelf formulations. Customized nanoparticle compositions dispersed in user-defined solvent systems are essential for establishing proofs of concept, and ultimately generating tailored systems for a growing base of applications. Furthermore, rapidly synthesizing and screening those custom nanoparticles can ease research and development (R&D) bottlenecks significantly.

This article will explore some of the methods of synthesizing nanoparticles, and why the ability to rapidly turn around thousands of different, fully validated compositions, makes Avantama the ideal partner for a new age of nanotechnology engineering.

What are the Methods of Synthesising Nanoparticles?

There is a wide variety of methods used in nanoparticle synthesis. Among the most common are coprecipitation, hydrothermal synthesis, pulse laser ablation, sol-gel synthesis, and so on. Some reaction methods are used for specific materials. Metallic nanocomposites can be generated by liquid infiltration, while nanoscale polymer composites may be produced via in situ polymerization.

We offer over 10,000 nanoparticle compositions, stemming from the simplest oxides through to advanced metal-salt nanoparticles. One of our specialties is the synthesis of perovskite quantum dots (QD), such as the caesium-lead-halide (CsPbBr3) QD product Avantama Q-510, the nanoparticles of which are generated via plasma synthesis. However, we are committed to a fully bespoke service and can quickly generate fully customized formulations and dry nanoparticles in small quantities for proofs of concept.

Request custom nanoparticle formulations via our customizer tool today.

Custom Synthesis when Speed is of the Essence

Our capacity to generate near-limitless combinations of nanoparticle compositions of extraordinary chemical purity and stability is one of the key indicators that sets us apart from other customized nanoparticle suppliers. But our speed and efficiency elevate that chemical expertise to the next level. Our turnarounds are incredibly short, with lead times of just a few days for small quantity purchases. This enables us to provide unique partnerships with valued customers, whereby we can work with them to develop the ideal nanoparticle additive for any given application.

For instance: we can reliably synthesize and screen thousands of different nanoparticle compositions every single year, and we have the capability to scale our production technology from those initial low volumes to the multi-ton scale.

We have developed customized nanoparticles for antimicrobials, catalysts, electronics (LEDs, OLEDs, etc.), photovoltaics (OPVs), and more. This scope is only set to expand as the field of nanoscience continues to expand exorbitantly in the coming years.

If you are looking for customized nanoparticle formulations, refer to our customizer tool, or contact a member of the Avantama team to discuss options of different particle sizes, compositions, dispersion systems, and more. We are always happy to share the benefit of our expertise with prospective customers.