Quantum Dots for Color Filter Displays

A color filter is used in displays and act as a passive optical component ensuring that the required color is able to pass through. Generally, color filters in displays are engineered to let certain wavelengths of light through and block other wavelengths. These color filters can sometimes have poor color rendering due to color leakage into other channels, and this is one reason why the use of quantum dots for color filters is being considered.

Quantum Dots in Color Filters

Red and green quantum dots could be used to replace the current colored materials used in color filters in displays. The current color filters are produced by patterning photoresists, and each color has to be deposited and patterned over a large area independently to pattern and harden the photopolymer.

Quantum dots can also be dispersed and cured in polymers, which makes them an obvious alternative. Using quantum dots would also make the color filter an active component, instead of a passive one, as they would convert the light source instead of blocking certain wavelengths of light.

Quantum Dot Color Filter Benefits

Compared to traditional color filters in displays, those that use quantum dots have a range of benefits. Quantum dot color filters improve the color gamut of a display, which results in a brighter output. This brightness is ensured as the light conversion occurs after the optical films, which also improves efficiency.

The use of quantum dots also helps to reduce the size of the display, resulting in thinning displays, which are highly demanded. These thinner displays are ensured as the number of components needed for the display is reduced.

Quantum dots also provide a wider viewing angle on displays, as they emit in all directions and are placed closer to the front of the display.

Quantum Dots from Avantama

Avantama has been developing and manufacturing nanomaterials for electronics for a number of years, and our materials enable the production of high quality optical and electronic coatings. Our quantum dot products are suitable for the production of color filters for displays.

If you would like any more information about the quantum dot products available from Avantama, please contact us.